Local EMC
​The proper assessment of damages incurred during a disaster event is an essential part of the recovery process. Without an accurate assessment of the damage, our citizens, municipalities, and the Commonwealth may not receive the federal funding they might otherwise be entitled to.

The links below provide access to forms which are designed to help you perform a proper initial damage assessment in your municipality. The information asked for in these forms contains all the information needed to be passed on to the state, so please be as complete as possible.

The Initial Damage Report Worksheet is for you to capture a quick “snapshot summary” of the damage in your area when conducting your windshield surveys. This would be the form you send to DES as soon as practical so that we can get an overview of damages throughout our county.

There are separate forms for more detailed assessments of Public Property (PA) and Individual Property (IA). Use these forms when talking to property owners, road masters, etc. to gather the information needed to send to PEMA. Once the forms have been completed, they must be sent to ACDES so they can be entered into the PEMA Damage Reporter system.

There is also an instruction sheet to help select the right damage category when conducting an IA assessment.
FEMA Training: https://training.fema.gov/emi.aspx
(Note: You must have a federal student ID number to take classes through FEMA)

Train PA:

PEMA Website: https://www.pema.pa.gov/Pages/Default.aspx