Oak Lawn Memorial Victim Information
A hearing was held on December 16th 2019 in response to a petition filed by District Attorney Brian Sinnett regarding James Delaney’s ability to pay restitution.

President Judge, Michael A. George, entered a court order on December 16th 2019 directing Delaney to increase his payment plan from $100 a month to $200 a month towards restitution.  In addition, Judge George scheduled another hearing for February 3rd 2020 at 1:00 p.m. 

At the February 3rd 2020 hearing, Mr. Delaney presented information to the court that he is having a medical examination to determine his ability to pay and needs additional time to get his medical records.   He is currently making a $200 monthly restitution payment to the Adams County Clerk of Courts, which is being put in an escrow account.  When this escrow account is at a balance where all victims can receive a $25 restitution payment, the Clerk of Court office will forward that payment to all the victims of this criminal case.