Probation Services
Our vision is to become exceptional practitioners of high performance methods in the probation profession in Pennsylvania, known for our care and attention to improving the lives of people in our community, and for creating exemplary, effective approaches that can be tested and will stand as benchmarks for our peers.
To accomplish this: 
  • We will become a highly integrated team, known for our professionalism, and committed to building a shared legacy on these values.
We will build our legacy on these values: 
  • High performances - constant focus on involving everyone in building for  the future, making time for passing on new knowledge, and insistence on diligent preparation. 
  • Personal growth - knowing that, because it is essential for professional growth and nurturing new leaders, it must be built upon a series of planned challenges, reinforced, and celebrated. 
  • Accountability - setting clear expectations, being explicit in guidance, taking a consistent stand, holding to the rules, and always following through.
     Respect - for each other, for our partners, for the known and the unknown potential in everyone; and for all those who have helped us along the way, we will acknowledge their contributions by telling instructive stories about their quests and accomplishments.
  • Dignity - acting with decorum that fits our responsibilities, carrying ourselves as good examples for others, inside and outside the office.
  • Equality - recognizing the talents of all and treating all the same.
  • Allegiance - ready to make each other's lives easier, remaining companionable under duress, watching out for them, finding out what they need and clearing the way for their success.
  • Optimism - keeping our eyes on what we can accomplish together, and primed to make good use of all events and ideas.
  • Flexibility - openness to new ideas, ready to change our methods in service to our team, and alert to learning from our mistakes.
Laura M. Rowland
Executive Director
County of Adams ​
Probation Services
117 Baltimore Street
Room 302
Gettysburg, PA 17325​
8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m.​
Monday - Friday ​
Each of us will become a knowledgeable and skilled ambassador for the Court, ready to stand in for each other in service to the whole, and to serve us a champion for each others' ideas, projects, and plans.
Our Mission is to work as an indivisible team of professionals, adhering to the values of the Courts, and concentrated upon the protection and safety of the public and prevention of criminal behavior, in constant search of better ways to build the competence of offenders and restore their accountability to the victim and the community.