History of Department

In 2008, the Court of Common Pleas in Adams County began a process to assess and transform its way of doing business. This transformation was aimed at doing better business, in the most economical ways, and planning for future generations while delivering dignified, respectful and efficient service to all those that it serves. A major component of that transformation was the merging of the former individual Departments of Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation, and the Community Re-entry Program that occurred in 2010. Today, the Department of Probation Services is a single department, with a shared Mission, staff and resources that strives to become a highly integrated team, known for their professionalism and committed to building a shared legacy as representatives of the Adams County Courts.

Both juvenile and adult offenders who become involved in the Adams County criminal justice system, and who are placed under the supervision of Probation become part of a process that attempts to instill a philosophy of rehabilitation and restoration. This process provides for a balance between the protection and safety of the public and building competencies within offenders that will reduce the likelihood that they will remain involved in the criminal justice system.

While the Adams County Court imposes conditions for offenders that are designed to bring focus to their crimes, and provide for the payment of fines and restitution to victims, as well as provide service to the community as a means of restoration, the Department of Probation Services provides the supervision and ensures that the Court-imposed conditions are met. Additionally, while offenders are on Probation, their individual needs are assessed, and treatment or rehabilitation is recommended which aims at changing offender’s patterns of behavior and the ways of thinking that have lead to their involvement with the criminal justice system. The Department of Probation Services recognizes that offenders are a part of our community and that restoring their integrity and rebuilding their productivity as citizens provides for the enhancement of our way of life in Adams County.