Reentry FAQ's
I would like to serve my time in the work release program, what do I need to do to be able to go right to work release?
Please see the "Reentry Program Precommitment Instructions

Will I get visits when I am in work release?
Please refer to the “Reentry Program Community Visitation

How can my family put money on my account?
This can be done online with (  Visitors are permitted to use the Banker’s Kiosk located in the front of the main building to deposit cash or use a credit card to deposit money onto your inmate account.  There is a nominal fee for these transactions.

Can I make phone calls when I am in the work release building and how does it work?
You will be authorized to use the telephones in your housing unit as scheduled. All calls, whether local or long distance, can be completed on a "Collect" basis or through debit calling.  Debit calling is tied to your inmate account. You will be issued a Telephone ID (TID) number during intake processing. You must also have more than $20 on your inmate account to make a debit call.  If your inmate account falls below $20 you cannot make debit calls until you receive more funds.  You are not allowed to use any other inmate’s assigned (TID) number; use of another inmate’s (TID) number is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.

What clothing and property am I allowed to have when in work release?
Please refer to the “Community Reentry Center Authorized Property List
You may only bring authorized property with you when you report in.  The clothing you are wearing at the time you report will count toward the total allowable amount of property.  All additional property should be packed in a disposable bag.
Do not bring any work items such as tools, cell phones, lunch boxes, ID badges, ‘cover-all’ type of clothing or credit/debit cards.  These items are not permitted inside the prison or the Community Reentry Center and should be stored in work vehicles if they are necessary to perform your job. Do not bring any hygiene products with you as you will be issued a hygiene kit upon your arrival and your inmate account will be appropriately billed.  Additional hygiene items can be purchased from the prison commissary after your commitment.

What should I do if I need clothing or property dropped off at the jail?
You may request personal property to be brought into the Prison by completing an Inmate Property Request Form. Once approved the property can be dropped off at the jail. The person dropping off the items can call first and speak to the lobby officer to make sure the property request has been approved. This can take several days so plan accordingly.  If you already have articles of clothing in property, then an even exchange can be made by also completing an Inmate Property Release Form.

Can I release clothing or property while I am in the work release building?
You may request to have any or all of your personal property released to someone outside the institution by completing an Inmate Property Release Form prior to the actual release and placing it in the treatment box on the housing unit. Unclaimed personal property will be held for 5 days after your release date.  Property unclaimed after 5 days will be disposed of or donated to an outside agency.  

If I can’t have an alarm clock, how do I wake up in time for work?
The best scenario is to have a watch with a built in alarm. You can purchase an alarm clock off of commissary, but it might take some time until you receive the clock.

Where do I go when I report to the jail to start serving my sentence?
You will report to intake which is located to the left of the building. Ring the buzzer at the pedestrian gate and provide your name and that you are reporting in.

What happens to my paycheck when I am in work release?
All wages and tips must be turned over to the prison. Employers are notified to mail paychecks to the prison.  Payroll checks are processed on a weekly basis. Your room and board fee is 24% of your gross wages.  $25 per week will be paid to the Clerk of Courts for costs or fines.  You will be charged $15 per week for laundry and urinalysis testing.   The remaining balance after all standard and necessary deductions are made will be held for you and may be disbursed upon request.

What if I have direct deposit at my work?
The jail needs to receive your entire pay and paystub. If you have direct deposit you must obtain a money order in the amount of your take home pay within three days of the money being deposited in your account. This should be made out to “ACACC” and must be accompanied by your pay stub. Place both in an envelope and drop in the drop box that is located on ground level in the kiosk in the front of the main building.

Can I drive myself when I am in work release?
If you have a valid license and do not have a license suspension or pending license suspension. You will need to provide a copy of your valid license, registration, and insurance. If the vehicle belongs to someone else, we will need a letter from the owner granting you permission to drive the vehicle during your time in the program. When these items are provided to Probation staff, we will go over the next steps in the process. 

I don’t have a driver’s license so how to do I get to work or other places?
The program has a shuttle service which will transport you to local treatment services and community service sites. Individuals may submit copies of valid driver’s license for anyone they would like to have as an ‘approved driver’.  You can have as many approved drivers as you wish, but we will need a copy of their valid driver’s license on file. We will also need a contact number for your approved driver.

When I get released, how do I get my money out of my account?
Upon discharge, if you have no debt, your account will be cleared and a check will be issued to you for the balance. Once discharged you must report to the lobby to speak with a representative of the Accounting Department. If you are released during non-business hours, please contact the Accounting Department to make arrangements.  
Upon discharge, if you have debt, you must report directly to the lobby to speak with the Accounting Department at which time an invoice will be issued to you during normal business hours.  If you are released during non-business hours, an invoice will be mailed to you. 

Can I maintain my self-employment/(1099) when I am in work release?
Yes. You will need to submit a copy of your filed taxes from the previous year showing your business income. You will also need to submit a copy of your liability insurance. If you are doing construction related work, you will also need to provide your PA Home Improvement License. We will need to establish that you have been working in this capacity for the previous year. Any new self-employment will not be approved. You will not be permitted to work out of your home. The income from self-employment must provide compensation that is at least at the level of minimum wage standards. 

Can I be in work release if I don’t have a job?
Yes.  You will be expected to make reasonable efforts to obtain employment.  Make sure you have 2 forms of ID to participate in job search. If you remain in the Reentry Program for over 60 days without obtaining employment, you could be removed from the program and placed in the main building. People are in the Reentry Program for a variety of reasons such as treatment, medical appointments, and participation in community service opportunities.

Can I go to my own doctor rather than using the jail’s provider?
The jail is responsible for your care, custody, and control. If you have medical needs that cannot be met within the facility with the jail’s provider, a referral will be made for treatment in the community. If you choose to use your own provider despite the jail having the ability to care for your needs, you will be financially liable for all costs incurred.
I am serving a short sentence (48 hours, 72 hours, 5 days, 10 days), can I be in work release and work during my short stay?
You can work when serving a short sentence, but will be required to pre-pay your wages. You can determine the approximate amount of the pre-pay based on the number of hours you expect to work by your rate of pay. This is to be paid in the form of a money order (made out to ACACC) and must be submitted when you come in for your orientation. If you cannot afford to pre-pay your wages, you can still serve your short sentence in the Reentry Program even if not working. 

Are there employment limitations?
  • You cannot work at more than one job.
  • You cannot work ‘under the table’.
  • Job sites cannot exceed an 80-mile radius from the facility.
  • You cannot be out of the facility for more than 12 hours a day for work purposes, which includes your travel to and from the facility.
  • Your compensation must be at least minimum wage.
  • Your employer must provide worker’s compensation insurance in the event of a work related injury
  • Your employer must provide supervision and safety.

If I am prescribed medications, how will I get them while in jail?
You are not permitted to bring any outside prescription medications.  Verification of prescribed medications will be obtained and, if ordered by the Prison Physician, will be dispensed through the Prison stock system.  Co-pay charges will apply.

Will I be drug tested when I report in and what will happen if I test positive?
You will be drug tested as well as be subject to a portable alcohol test when you report in.  A positive drug screen can prevent your placement in the work release building. If you are in the work release building you will be ‘held-in’ until you produce a negative urine sample.

When I was in court I received a short term sentence with automatic parole. What does this mean?
Many first time DUI sentences have a mandatory minimum period of incarceration (typically 48 hours, 72, hours, 5 days, or 10 days).  Under normal circumstances, a PO needs to complete a petition for parole before an incarcerated individual can be released. This process can take several weeks. The Courts implemented a process in which a petition for parole is not needed and include language in the court order that states the defendant will be automatically paroled at the minimum.  There are two exceptions that will revoke the automatic parole:  If you get a misconduct during your short stay or if you test positive for alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance upon reporting in. You will be given a portable alcohol test and you will also have to provide a urine sample. If you test positive you will need to stay an additional 10 days before you will be released.

What if I have a question that is not on this list?
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