Credit Bureau Reporting: If the Defendant is behind more than 2 months in support his/her name and the amount of overdue support owed may be reported to the major credit bureaus.

License Suspension: If the Defendant owes at least three months of support, not including the current month support, and the Court has not ordered an income attachment, the following licenses may be suspended, denied, or not renewed: 
  • Driver’s license 
  • Commercial driver’s license 
  • Professional or occupational license
  • Recreational license (hunting & fishing)
Passport Denial: The U.S. Department of State can deny the issuance or renewal of a passport or revoke a passport if a Defendant has child support arrears over $2,500. The total arrears must be paid in full before a passport can be reinstated or reissued.

Lottery Intercept: A Defendant’s lottery winnings of more than $2,500 may be intercepted if overdue child support is owed.
Intercept of Workers Compensation and Lump Sum Personal Injury Payment: The amount of overdue child support owed may be taken from the defendant’s settlement or benefits.

Child Support Recovery Act: Federal law makes it a crime if a Defendant owes more than $5,000 of child support for longer than a year and does not pay the child support for a child who lives in another state. If a Defendant is convicted, the Court will order repayment of the unpaid support. A Defendant can be fined, put in prison up to two years, or both.

Publication of Name: The Defendant’s name may be published in the newspaper if he/she is at least 30 days late in paying child support.

Liens on Real Estate: overdue support automatically becomes a lien against all real estate that is owned by the Defendant in this state.