Court Reporters
Statutory Authority 
The Pennsylvania Rules of Judicial Administration (Rule 4001 et seq.) provide the rules for which Court Reporters function within our unified court system. 

Definition and Function
From Pa.R.J.A. 4002, a Court Reporter is defined as an individual employed, contracted or utilized by a court to record testimony whether through use of a stenotype machine, stenomask equipment, written symbols, or otherwise. A Court Reporter stenographically records verbatim the proceedings with high proficiency and accuracy, and is essential in recording and memorializing all of the testimony. During a proceeding, the court reporter designates who is speaking, when they are speaking and is responsible for developing a record of every word that is said by the parties involved. After the proceedings have concluded, the Court Reporter, upon request and in compliance with rules governing transcript production, produces a transcript of the proceedings within certain time requirements mandated by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.​

Background and Professional Affiliations 
A Court Reporter is required to meet the minimum qualification as described under Pa.R.J.A. 4004. Additional credentials are acquired by sitting and passing examinations given by the National Court Reporters Association. In addition to following the Vision and Mission of the Adams County Court of Common Pleas, many Court Reporters join state and national associations for Court Reporters, each with their own Code of Ethics.

To learn more about the Code of Ethics for Court Reporters, please click on the following links:

Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association (PCRA) 

National Court Reporters Association (NCRA)

Requesting a Transcript: 
In order to come into compliance with State and Local Rules, the manner in which transcripts are requested was changed beginning March 20, 2017. Please review the Adams County Rules of Judicial Administration related to transcripts, and to Pennsylvania Code to review all State Rules related to transcripts.

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