Behavioral Health Committee
Committee Chairman  - Judge Shawn Wagner
Vice-Chairperson - Warden Katy Hileman
Secretary - Laura Rowland  
The next meeting of this committee will be an all day work session scheduled for February 24, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. in Multi-purpose Room #13  at the Adams Co. Human Services Bldg. 
The Behavioral Health Committee is currently working on an Adams County Sequential Intercept Mapping exercise.  The Sequential Intercept Model identifies six key points for "intercepting" individuals with behavioral health issues, linking them to services , and preventing further penetration into the criminal justice system.  This model builds on the collaboration between the criminal justice and behavioral health systems, highlights where, the need for diversion or practice improvement may exist, where to intercept individuals as they move through the criminal justice system, and identifies critical decision-makers with the authority to divert individuals in a particular intercept phase.  Most importantly, it delineates essential personnel at each intercept, including mental health, substance use, law enforcement, probation services, courts, jail, and social services staff, indicating the potential partnerships for diversion development.
This exercise is comprehensive and time consuming.  Our committee is fully committed to this exercise and anticipates it will take a number of months to complete but provide vivid outcomes to assist our CJAB in system and service improvement.  Feel free to take a look below at our progress as we go.