About Us

Authority and Duties as Established and Delineated Under PA County Code:

  • Supervise the fiscal affairs of the County, including the accounts and official acts related to all elected officials and other County employees and organizations that collect, receive, hold, or disburse public monies of the County. [County Code § 1702.]
  • Keep the County’s books which support financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. [County Code § 1705.]
  • Scrutinize, audit and decide on all bills and other claims against the County prior to their payment. [County Code § 1750.]
  • Annually audit, settle and adjust the accounts of all County officers. [County Code § 1720.]

Prepare and publish for the citizens a summary of the County’s annual financial report and make an annual financial report to the Commonwealth Department of Community and Economic Development [County Code § 1720.]

  • Retain original copies of all County contracts and title certificates to County owned assets.
  • Receive all sealed bids and present in public meetings.


  • Adams County Salary Board
  • Adams County Prison Board