Water Testing
Water Testing samples WILL NOT BE COLLECTED until further notice. We will post when we are providing this service again. If you wish to test your water, the number of LABS Inc. in New Oxford is 717-259-6550.

The Adams County Conservation District’s water testing program is offered on the LAST WEDNESDAY of each month. Water will be accepted only on the dates specified on the 'Water Testing Prices and Directions' document below. 

    • Containers for water samples must be obtained from the District office.
    • Water samples must be taken and brought to the Conservation District office on the last Wednesday of the month between the hours of 8 a.m. & 10 a.m.
    • Samples must be taken on the morning of the testing day.
    • Take the sample from a faucet that is in regular use, not from a hose or a seldom-used pipe. The tap must be free of hose attachments and other water purification devices.
    • Refrigerate all samples until delivered.
Water Testing Resources