Erosion and Sedimentation
‚ÄčThe majority of the Conservation District's efforts are centered towards the conservation of water and soil resources.  The District administers the E&S program through a signed delegation agreement with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Bureau of Watershed Protection. As the County continues to experience overall growth, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that resources are protected according to the regulations. 

Due to intensifying development pressure and greater awareness for environmental protection, the E&S program continues to be one of the District's most demanding programs. Through the program, the District reviews and approves E&S control plans for earthmoving sites. Inspections of the sites are conducted to assure the plans are properly implemented, controls are installed, and sequences are followed. By doing this, the District strives to meet its goal of minimizing accelerated erosion and sediment pollution to the waters of the Commonwealth as a result of earthmoving activities.

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