Chesapeake Bay

​The Chesapeake Bay Program is a federal and state funded program to provide cost sharing and technical assistance to landowners and farmers with critical nutrient management and water quality problems. The program is administered by the county conservation district at the local level. Planning and technical advice is provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Conservation District technicians.

The program requires the land owner to implement a nutrient management plan and maintain the installed Best Management Practices (BMPs). The nutrient management plan is a written site-specific plan indicating how the major plant nutrients are to be managed annually for expected crop production and for water quality protection. The BMPs are designed to aid the management of nutrients from animal manures, sludge, seepage, chemical fertilizers, and others.

Purpose of Chesapeake Bay Program

  • Decrease pollutants in the Bay
  • Develop nutrient management and erosion control plans using BMPs
  • Test soil and manure to prevent nutrient pollution
  • Install cropland terraces, diversions, and waterways to control runoff
  • Apply contour strip cropping and proper crop rotation to increase soil productivity

    All farmers and landowners located in Adams County are eligible for assistance. Any farm operation with critical nutrient management concers is eligible to apply. Nutrient management problems include manure runoff, soil erosion, improper management of manure and fertilizer nutrients, stream bank erosion, and surface water runoff.   For further inquiries, please contact the Adams County Conservation District at 717-334-0636.


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