District Board and Staff
District Board of Directors                 
​Carl Keller, Jr., Chairman, Farm Director
Ed Wilkinson, Vice-Chairman, Farm Director

​Jim Martin, Commissioner Director ​
​Barbara Underwood, Public Director ​
Charles A. Bennett, Public Director

David L. Benner, Farm Director
Michelle Kirk, Treasurer, Farm Director
Term Expires​​
​12/31/2023 ​​​​
Associate Directors 
​Sue Cipperly   ​
Eric Mains
George Weikert
Pat Naugle  
Alan Zepp

District Staff

​Full Name Job Title Business Phone E-mail Address
​Adam McClain ​District Manager ​717-334-0636 X3044
Deb Eck Staff Accountant ​717-334-0636 X3041
​Tyler Echard ​Chesapeake Bay Technician ​717-334-0636 X3046 techard@adamscounty.us
​Sharon Hull ​Administrative Assistant ​717-334-0636 X3040 shull@adamscounty.us
Joe Hallinan ​Watershed Specialist ​717-334-0636 X3042
​Debra Musselman ​Resource Conservation Technician ​717-334-0636 X3051 dmusselman@adamscounty.us
Russell Ryan ​Resource Conservationist ​717-334-0636 X3048 rryan@adamscounty.us
​Brian Sneeringer ​Agricultural Conservation Technician Supervisor ​717-334-0636 X3050 bsneeringer@adamscounty.us
Stephanie Summers ​Mosquito Borne Disease Control
& Conservation Technician
717-334-0636 X3049 ssummers@adamscounty.us
​Vy Trinh ​Nutrient Management Technician ​717-334-0636 X3045 vtrinh@adamscounty.us 
​Tyler Trostle ​Agricultural Conservation Technician ​717-334-0636 X3043 ttrostle@adamscounty.us​
​Ricky Whitmore ​Community Clean Water Action Plan Coordinator  ​​717-334-0636  x3053 ​rwhitmore@adamscounty.us​