Planning to Marry
 REMARRIAGES -Applicants who have previously married MUST HAVE:
  • CERTIFIED COPY of death certificate (if widowed).
  • CERTIFIED COPY of Divorce Decree dated more than 30 days prior to application date. *If female applicant is divorced and has changed her name, she must have documentation of name. If applicant does not have the original Decree, s/he must obtain a CERTIFIED copy of the decree (with a court seal). Photocopies are NOT acceptable. Foreign divorce decree MUST HAVE a CERTIFIED ENGLISH TRANSLATION attached.

Civil annulments require same documentation as divorces.. (Church annulments are NOT accepted).

If a couple wishes to waive the standard 3-day waiting period on a Marriage License by obtaining a signed Order of Court from the Judge, there is an additional $5.00 fee and requires an appointment with the Judge and a justifiable reason for the waiver. 

To request an appointment with a Judge to request a 3-Day Waiver, please contact the Court Administrator's Office at 717-337-9846. 
For any further questions regarding how to obtain a PA Marriage License, please contact the Clerk of Courts Office at 717-337-9806.   
Marriage license application is $71.00 payable by cash, check, or money order and includes a certified copy of the license.
Please note there is a $33.00 return check fee if the bank returns the check for any reason.
Marriage license fees and hours vary from county to county. Please call the county in which you intend on applying for more information.

​Premarital Checklist

Do you have ONE of the following? 

Valid Identification

  • Photo driver's license
  • State photo ID card
  • Certified birth certificate
  • Active military ID


1.Social Security Number
2.Confirmation number (if applied online)
3.Paid for the license fee​
4.CERTIFIED copy of Divorce Decree (if applicable)
5.CERTIFIED Name Change (if applicable)
6.CERTIFIED copy of death certificate (if applicable)
7.Full name, address, occupation, and birthplace of each parent (required regardless of age)