Marriage Information
Who Must Apply?​

Both individuals to be married must complete the application for marriage. All applicants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

Who May Not Marry?

Blood relatives down to and including first cousins MAY NOT marry under the laws of Pennsylvania.

When to Apply?

The marriage license must be obtained at least three days prior to the marriage ceremony. The three-day waiting period does not start until after we have printed the license after your video meeting. The license will expire sixty (60) days after the three-day waiting period. The office schedules marriage license application video conference meetings from 8:30 am until 3:45 pm. Monday through Friday excluding County holidays.  We encourage you to download the Adams County Clerk of Court & Orphans Court mobile app to apply for your license and schedule the appointment.


A marriage license may be obtained from the Clerk of Orphans' Court in any county in Pennsylvania. The ceremony need not be performed in the county in which the license was issued but must be performed in the state of Pennsylvania.


The fee for a marriage license varies from county to county. The fee in Adams County is $71 plus a debit/credit card processor fee using using Pay Location Code (PLC) #a001zd.


You will need the following Identification:

  • As of January 1st, 1998, you must give your Social Security Number.
  • Identification: Driver's License, Non-Driver Photo ID, or Passport are accepted.
  • Most Recent Divorce Decree and Notice to Resume Prior Surname (if applicable) Civil annulments require same documentation as divorces. (Church annulments are NOT accepted)
  • When original documentation is written in a foreign language, a notarized translation must also be submitted.


  1. E-file a marriage license application by downloading our mobile app. Click Orphans Court > Marriage Information > Applying for a License. Carefully read the questions and provide full names, mailing addresses, occupation, and birthplace of each parent. Leaving incomplete information or using n/a will result in rejection. Click here to apply​
  2. Choose a date and time for the video conference. Both applicants must be present during the video conference, but it is permissible to join from separate locations. Both applicants must be in a stationary location for the video conference. You may NOT be driving.  Schedule Video Marriage Conference
  3. A confirmation email will be sent once you have scheduled your video appointment.   The morning of your video conference, you will receive a copy of the application to proof.  Be sure to verify all spellings and dates prior to your video appointment.  Changes can be made during your video appointment but not later. You may join the video conference from any computer or a smartphone with a webcamera.

  4. During the video conference, each applicant will need to show their IDs through the camera along with any certified divorce decrees and/or death certificates.
  5. Your marriage license will be emailed to you after the process is complete. Present the three-page license and instructions to your officiant to get married.