Guardianship - Incapacitation
Incapacitation matters are confidential!
‚ÄčA petition for guardianship of an alleged incapacitated adult is filed in the Orphans' Court. A hearing date is assigned and a citation is issued. If petition is granted a final decree is signed appointing a guardian by a Judge and is entered into court record. The guardian will be responsible for filing of an Inventory and Annual Reports in Orphans' Court regarding their guardianship.
Effective September 11, 2018, the Clerk of Courts office will go-live with the Guardianship Tracking System (GTS) implemented by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts upon direction of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
Guardianship Tracking System Workshops will be held to show court-appointed guardians how to use the new GTS.  GTS will make it possible for adult incapacitated persons to file inventory and annual reports online from any internet-accessible computer and will be available in all counties by December 31, 2018.  Click here for information and locations of the workshops.  
The original and two copies of the petition shall be filed in the Clerk of Courts Office along with the filing fee.

The Clerk of Courts office will assign a docket number and forward document to the Orphans' Court Judge.

An Order of Court will be filed in the Clerk of Courts office.  The Order will direct a Citation be issued.  A copy will be forwarded to the Petitioner for service.

Hearing date and times will be scheduled by the Court.