Private Detective Notes Cont'd
Issuance of License; Fee; Bonds

When the application has been approved by the court, the court shall grant and cause to be delivered to such applicant, a certificate of license to conduct such business on the premises stated in the application, upon the applicant complying with the following:

(1) Executing and filing in the Office of the Clerk of Courts a corporate bond in the sum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) (approval by the court),
(2) Payment of license fee
       a. Two hundred dollars ($200.00) if applicant is an individual, or
       b. Three hundred dollars ($300.00), if a partnership, association or corporation.

The license granted pursuant to this act shall last for a period of two years but shall be revocable at all times by the court for cause shown. In the event of such revocation or of a surrender of such license, no refund shall be made in respect to any license fee paid under the provisions of this act.

In the event of the filing in the Office of the Clerk of Courts of a verified statement of objections to the issuance of a license, no license shall be issued to such applicant until all objections have been heard in a hearing and a determination made by the court. 
Renewal of License - Act 132 - 1992
A license granted under the provisions of this act may be renewed by the Clerk of Courts upon application therefore by the holder thereof upon payment of fee and filing of surety bond, each in amounts equivalent to those specified in Section 3 pertaining to original license.
A brief renewal application form shall be prescribed by the Attorney General. Fingerprints and references shall not be required with a renewal application. The Clerk of Courts shall reissue the license for a period of up to five years, without a mandatory waiting period, unless the Clerk perceives a problem, which requires submission of the renewal application to the court. 
A renewal period, within the meaning of this act, is considered as being six months from the date of expiration of a previously issued license. 
The holder of any license certificate issued pursuant to this act may employ others to assist him in his work of private detective or investigator as described in the act and in the conduct of such business.
(1) The license holder shall obtain two sets of fingerprints of the two hands of such person. One set shall be attached to the verified statement and the other shall be filed with the court of common pleas.
     (a) Within five (5) days the fingerprint card shall be forwarded to the Pennsylvania State Police Records and Identification Division by the Clerk of Courts.
     (b) If a record is found, the Clerk of Courts shall notify the district attorney and the holder of such  license.
(2) Proof of the employee’s current and valid certification under the “Lethal Weapons Training Act” must also be submitted to the Court if the employee will carry a lethal weapon as an incidence to employment.