Municipal Filings

Road Dockets
1. Documents related to road dockets shall be filed in the Office of the Clerk of Courts. [42 Pa.C.S.A. §2756]
2. Documents related to road dockets include bridges and viaducts. [16 Pa.C.S.A. §2604]
3. The filing requirements may vary depending upon the class county.
4. Whenever the proper authorities of any county, borough, or the supervisor or commissioners or other legally constituted road authority of any township deems it advisable to change, alter or create a new road, a resolution/ordinance setting forth the facts, and accompanied by a map or draft of such proposed change, shall be presented to the court of quarter sessions after approval.
5. The general provisions to obtain approval of the court of quarter sessions are as follows:[16 Pa.C.S.A. §2740] Read More...  
Financial Audits
The Clerk of Courts accepts Miscellaneous Docket filings of annual financial audits for Adams County boroughs and townships. Adams County school district audits are filed with the Clerk of Courts Office. 
Tax Collectors
1. A tax collector shall include every person duly elected or appointed to collect all taxes levied by any political subdivision. The term of office is generally four years. [72 P.S. §5511]
2. In boroughs, towns, and townships of the second class, the elected tax collector shall be the collector of the borough/township and school taxes, etc. Before performing any duties, an oath of office and bond shall be filed with the Clerk of Courts by the tax collector. [72 P.S. §511 (4) (b)]
3. One surety bond to the Commonwealth with the amount fixed by the Court of Common Pleas is required.
4. The bond may be an annual bond or for the full term at the option of the tax collector.
5. The bond must have at least one bonding company and have the sufficiency of sureties approved by the Court.
6. The amount of the bond shall never exceed the estimated amount of the taxes charged in the duplicates delivered to the tax collector. Read More...