Filing Instructions
 Papers Filed

For purposes of this Rule, papers include pleadings, motions, petitions and orders. Nothing in this rule shall be construed contrary to any State rule.
A. Size and Color.
Papers filed in the court system of Adams County shall be eight and one‐half inches by eleven inches (8 1/2 x 11) in size. Papers shall be on white or off‐white stock. Exhibits to papers may be of a different color if the original does not permit compliance with this Rule.
B. Characters.
Papers should be written in ink, printed, typewritten, photocopied, mimeographed or otherwise mechanically reproduced.
C. Caption.
The caption should include the name and division of the Court, identifying case number, the names of the parties, and the title of the proceeding.
D. Orders.
Papers requiring an order shall have a proposed order attached as the first page and shall be first filed in the Office of the Clerk of Courts . Papers are to be presented to the appropriate judge in chambers, or filed in open court, if the judge is already presiding over that litigation.
E. Prior Action.
If a paper refers to prior action taken by the Court, the paper shall identify the date the action was taken and the judge taking such action and shall have attached as an exhibit a copy of the order directing the action.
F. Backers.
The use of backers, mini‐backers, toppers or other cover stock is discouraged. No substantive content of any pleading or document shall be contained on the backer, mini‐backer, topper or other cover stock. The Clerk of Courts shall not physically retain or preserve any backer, mini‐backer, topper or other cover stock, or retain or preserve any information contained thereon.
G. Filing Fee
The filing fee (if applies) is due at the time of filing papers and is payable by cash, check or money order.  Cash/credit/debit cards may be used at the lobby kiosk, online, or calling 1-888-243-3456. 

H. Distribution of Order(s)
Attorneys are encouraged to accept service of their documents electronically.  An acknowledgment must be on file in order to accept documents electronically.  Please submit the Attorney Service Agreement to start receiving your documents by email.  Verification of receipt of documents can be found online at