Contempt of Court

Delinquent payments result in the suspension of your driving privileges!!!

Payment Frequency
Payments must be made monthly and in accordance with your payment plan.  Late payments
will result in additional fees and being scheduled for Court.

If you were incarcerated in any facility, please provide the Clerk of Courts Office with written documentation proving your incarceration dates and location.  The documentation MUST be on Prison/Probation letterhead.  Once we receive the appropriate documentation we can adjust your payment plan accordingly. 

Verify payments are received and/or your payment plan has been adjusted by going to the web portal and viewing the last page of your docket sheets by going to 

Contempt of Court
Late payments may cause you to be scheduled for the next Contempt Court day.  The Clerk of Courts Office creates a new miscellaneous contempt case and you WILL have additional fees.

If the account has not been brought current within 10 days of the motion, your driving privileges may be suspended.​
You may be excused from this Court ONLY if you bring yourself CURRENT 3 days prior to the court hearing. Keep in mind another payment may have come due

At the hearing, if you Acknowledge Contempt, you must enroll in eCommunications and enter into a Wage Authorization with your employer. 
Contempt Sentencing
If you have acknowledge Contempt and become delinquent again, you WILL be brought in for Contempt Sentencing.  Making yourself current WILL NOT excuse you from this hearing.  You must appear at this hearing regardless if you brought the account current.
There are additional charges for being listed for Contempt Sentencing.
If your account has not been paid in full within 10 days of the contempt motion, this office will notify PennDot and they will suspend your license until notified by this office that all costs, fines, and restitution have been paid in full

Payment Plan
Payment plans can ONLY be modified by the Clerk of Courts Office if
the Judge did not order the original payment plan. If the Courts set
the payment plan, you must petition the Courts to have the Payment
Plan modified.  There is a $21.50 filing fee for this Petition.​ 

We are scheduling appointments to modify your payment agreement.  BEFORE you schedule your appointment, complete the above questionnaire and be prepared to provide all proof of income, including the last 4 consecutive weeks of pay stubs, as well as any proof of unemployment or disability.    

Once you have that information available, then you can schedule your video meeting by clicking on the link below.  If you are not prepared at the time of the video, we will need to reschedule your video meeting.  All proof of income or lack of income MUST be available in order to complete the Payment Modification. 

You will be sworn in and required to sign the Payment Plan Questionnaire and Agreement under oath.  During our meeting, you will be required to email the signed forms back to our office.

​Proof of income can be emailed prior to the meeting by sending it to or fax to 717-334-9333.   


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