Crime Victims - Disbursements and Address Change

Victim Information

As a victim of a criminal case you may be entitled to restitution. If this is the case, here are some helpful guidelines:

  • When a defendant makes a payment to the Clerk of Courts, 50% of that payment is applied towards restitution.  There is a 15 day hold on payments unless paid by cash. 
  • Unless ordered by the court, payments made on cases with multiple victims will be divided equally.
  • Under current State Law, the current order of distribution on cases is as follows:
    • Crime Victim Compensation Fund (Act 96 of 1984)
    • Victim Witness Services (Act 111 of 1998)
    • Private Crime Victim Restitution
    • Insurance Company Restitution
    • Fines, Costs, & Fees   [Read More
Has Your Address Changed?
If you are a victim and need to change your address, complete the Change of Address form.   This form will notify the Victim Witness Department and the Clerk of Courts Office of your address change.  You may be contacted for verification purposes.

A Change of Address form must be completed and submitted by the person whose address is to be changed. It may be submitted in person at the Clerk of Courts Office
or complete the form online and submit via email.

To complete the form online click the Change of Address below.