Collection and Disbursement of Payments Cont'd
The Clerk of Courts does not have the authority to change the original payees or amounts listed on a restitution order.   You must petition the courts to amend the original order. You may contact the Victim Witness Department for additional information.
  • Unless ordered by the court or while serving jail time, all defendants are expected to make monthly payments toward their fines, costs and restitution. 
  • If the defendant becomes delinquent, they will be scheduled for our next Contempt Court day.
  • It is important to notify the Clerk of Courts and Victim Witness Department if you move or if your address changes.  If our office is unable to locate a victim, restitution payments will be withheld and may be escheated to the Commonwealth after one year. 
Collection of Fines, Cost, and Restitution
It is the duty of the Clerk of Courts Office to collect restitution from defendants and issue payments to victims. If restitution is not paid in full, defendants are required to make monthly payments in accordance to their payment plan. Inconsistent payments or lack of payments may be considered to be a probation violation.
As a victim, do not accept any restitution payments directly from the defendant as all payments MUST be made to the Clerk of Courts so that all accounts can be properly credited.
By viewing the last page of the defendant's docket sheet online you can view the last payment the defendant made, determine if defendant is overdue on payments, and see the balance of restitution due to you.