About Us
‚ÄčEach year the office handles over 1500 new criminal court records, over 2000 Contempt cases, as well as numerous other tasks relating to summary appeals, juvenile delinquency, dependency, miscellaneous dockets, Orphans' Court matters, constables, private detectives, and bail bondsmen.  Since all documents pertinent to criminal matters must be filed with the Clerk of Courts, the office is sometimes considered the engine of the criminal court system in the County. 
For the month of December 2005, the month before Kelly took office, the monthly revenue was $106,336.30.  Due to Kelly's collection efforts, her monthly revenue increased to over $200,000.00 in 2007 and in 2017, often exceeded $300,000.00 monthly.  During 2019, the monthly collections frequently have exceeded $400,000.00.

2020 was certainly a different year than any of us have experienced.  Even with the pandemic, which resulted in no contempt of court hearings, our revenues did not significantly drop.  We are hoping 2021 will be a better year and we will start to see revenues over $400,000.00 again.  

The office was able to eliminate another position through attrition in August and two positions were merged.