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Why Isn't It Available
Why Isn't It Available?
Broadband In Rural Areas
Because of relatively low population density, topographical barriers, and greater geographical distances, broadband service may be more difficult to obtain in some rural areas. In attempting to address these challenges, some rural communities have found it helpful to develop a strategic plan for broadband deployment that includes creating a comprehensive business proposal to broadband providers. Such a plan, for example, could demonstrate to broadband providers that deployment is a sound business decision that would benefit both the providers and the community. This strategic planning process may include, but is not limited to, the following elements and strategies:
  • Educating the community about the potential benefits of broadband service.
  • Creating partnerships among community organizations and institutions that might benefit from broadband deployment.
  • Systematic assessment and prioritization of the community‚Äôs needs for broadband service.
  • Aggregating (consolidating) demand within the community to make service profitable for broadband providers. Participants may include, but are not limited to, individual consumers, businesses, educational institutions, health care facilities, and government agencies.
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