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​    Why do we need to connect providers with government?
    • ​To better plan for new residential development
    • Because portions of the county remain underserved due to geography and distance from providers – our school districts report an average of 20% of families without connectivity at home
    • Our school districts continue to struggle with the cost of wi-fi, which is still not at a capacity to function 100% when everyone logs in at the start of the day
    • Technology is here to stay and if we are not connected, we are left behind. Everything from medical information, to banking, to staying in touch with friends and family

In addition to connecting providers with our local governments, the board is working to establish a better community for stronger economic development. In order to have smart business growth to provide jobs for our communities and a tax base to maintain our quality of life, we need a strong technological infrastructure as much as we need good roads, water, and power. In addition, better connectivity will allow for the growth of internet-based in-home businesses. To assist in this, our local municipalities need to consider these types of planning and zoning ordinances.

It is also our job to working with our school districts and assist in educating our community. There are several areas that we can assist:
  1. In 2013, we conducted two Internet 101 events, developed and hosted by HACC. A template was developed for school districts to replicate these events. We know from research that the community is interested in more education, including on the use of smart phones.
  2. We learned through research that our schools need assistance both with financial support and education to connect our students with the technology they need in today’s educational environment.
  3. Improved connectivity will also allow for more online learning options to advance our students.
  4. Our help is also needed in educating parents on new technology, what it means for the success of their students, and how to protect their children online.
Through better connectivity, Adams County can continue to be a great place to live, work, and be educated. It will help us retain our youth and generate new jobs for the future.
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