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What is Broadband
What is Broadband?
​Broadband is a term you may be hearing a lot about lately. Broadband is shorthand for any type of high-speed Internet access. The FCC's definition of broadband is any system capable of transmitting data in excess of 200 Kbps upstream and downstream.
Communication systems that operate at a slower speed than broadband are called "narrowband." Usually consumers associate DSL and cable modems with broadband and dial-up services with narrowband.
Access to broadband opens up many possibilities such as voice services, high-speed data services, video services, and interactive information delivery services. These services can change how communities connect to each other, work, process information, and provide services.
Broadband technologies fall into two categories; wired and wireless. Wired technologies include cable, DSL, fiber and broadband over powerline. Wireless technologies include fixed wireless, satellites, wi-fi and wi-max.
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