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​   Accomplishments
    1. ​Brought five providers to the table: Century Link, Comcast, Verizon, Sprint and Level 3
    2. Obtained proprietary information from each provider about existing and future solution offerings,
    3. Created the foundation for the future of an infrastructure and planning focused initiative,
    4. Conducted a survey of large data users to gain better understanding of current and future needs,
    5. Identified some of the following user groups – education, government, tourism, agriculture, financial, manufacturing, healthcare, home office, professional services, retail, and small business,
    6. Conducted two Internet 101 events developed and hosted by HACC which received good reviews from participants,
    7. Create a template for school districts and the LIU to host their own educational events in each local community,
    8. Brought together all Superintendents from Adams County School Districts to discuss improving capacity and speed while overcoming funding issues,

Developed logo, website, and Facebook page to communicate with the community and government officials the goals, accomplishments, and
needs of Adams County Connected.

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